Sunday, August 14, 2011

College Entrance Exams: I am confused..

Last week-- August 6, 2011 , I took the UPCAT exam ☺ It was really a fun experience for me. Didn't know what to expect. I woke up really early and went to UP Diliman around 5 in the morning since UP Diliman is far away from where I live.

Taking the UPCAT was really nerve-wrecking. While taking the exam, I made sure I read the question twice/thrice ☺ Super happy with the English/Filipino subtests. Then, Math and Science ruined my day. Hahaha! My favorite part was the reading comprehension. I really really hope I'll pass the UPCAT exam. 

Results will be out next year: February 2012. Not really expecting that much since it's right minus 1/4 wrong. But still hoping... ☺

Awhile ago, I took the USTET ☺ It was pretty hard, honestly. Don't know why some people kept on telling me that it's just a piece of cake. My favorite parts of the test were the Space Relation Test and the Drawing Test. The English/Math/Science subtests were confusing Really don't know what to expect this January 18, 2012! Scared ☹ 

Two college entrance exams down, two more to go! ACET - September & DLSUCET - October
Still thinking if I should apply at SoFA... What do you guys think? 

But I really want to go to Parsons The New School for Design.. sigh, life 

Anyway, will update you guys soon! Hell week (I mean, exam week) just started. Boo :(

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