Saturday, July 30, 2011

CD sale! ♥

My friend, Thea texted me yesterday when I was at school. She told me there was a CD sale at Astroplus (SM Mall of Asia branch) and everything was only a hundred bucks. I got shocked and I wanted to go to SM Mall of Asia after classes (but Friday means traffic everywhere haha) She told me that the CD sale will be until August 7. When I got home, I checked MCA music's Facebook page ☺

I went to the SM Mall of Asia this afternoon and bought five albums: Cheryl Cole, The Killers, Brandon Flowers, The All-American Rejects and Dashboard Confessional! ☺ Total of 500 pesos. Sooo inexpensive! I usually spend 500 pesos on one CD. I saved a lot today, thanks to MCA Music! ♥

I dropped by Topshop and checked out their "buy one take one" sale. I honestly didn't like most of the items on sale. I liked the Robinson's Ermita-Midtown branch more ☺

I also bought items for my new ear cuff collection out next month and I saw these awesome rings:

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