Monday, July 11, 2011

I Miss Blogging

Random things I want to share :)

So happy about my ear cuff business! Just recently got featured on! ♥ Thanks to Roch Vergara for emailing me ☺

Baby Benji, all grown up! ♥

So addicted to AJ Rafael. been listening to his album, Red Roses for almost two weeks now. It's so amazing. I keep replaying, Emma Watson, Without You, Here All Alone Pt.3, We Could Happen and Red Roses! His music is so amazing! Still can't believe he greeted me on my birthday last year thru Twitter! ♥

Finally bought The Maine's Black & White album!!!! ☺ I know, it's not available here in Manila yet, but I saw someone on Twitter selling the CDs so I quickly tweeted her back and said to reserve one for me! ☺ So happy ♥

I just watched Monte Carlo yesterday at Gateway with my friend, Aurea! ☺ The movie made me want to go to Paris even more. Selena, Leighton and Katie are so lucky that they had a chance to film a movie in Paris! ♥ But if I had to choose between Lizzie McGuire the Movie and Monte Carlo, I'd choose Lizzie McGuire! Some of the parts that I didn't like in the movie was when  Katie Cassidy had a Country accent and in the next scene, she'll get an American accent, then yet again a country accent. It's so confusing! But the movie is still okay ☺ I still want to watch it again. The guys in the movie are so hot! ;)

Until next time!! So busy with school. Trying to balance work, school and my review for the college entrance exams (UPCAT in less than a month!!)
xx, Iza

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