Sunday, March 20, 2011

So excited for April! ♥

I am one of the biggest fans of Good Charlotte here in Manila :) I remember tweeting them just recently this:

It was kind of my Christmas wish! ;) I freaked out when MMI tweeted last January 11 that Good Charlotte is coming to Manila this year! ♥

When I read that Good Charlotte is coming to Manila. The first thing that I needed was a meet & greet pass! I know the Music Management International and Miss Rhiza Pascua are so generous so, I just waited for their updates about the GC concert happening soon. 

Finally, when MMI tweeted about the contest, I read all the details. I was sad because it was another popularity contest where we will send our best rocker photo and they will post it on their Facebook page and the one who will have the most likes win. I was losing hope... but I tweeted Miss Rhiza Pascua and MMI that I would do anything even though the contest is hard. 

On March 18, after waking up at 5:30 am I always check my @replies on Twitter ☺ Then, Miss Rhiza Pascua tweeted me this:

So surreal!!! ☺ I won a meet & greet pass!!! ♥ She is the most generous person I know. I love Music Management International. They are the best ☻

Can't wait for April 6, 2011!

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