Friday, March 4, 2011

Late Entry: Taylor Swift Grand Fans Day @ SM Megamall - 02.18.11

When Odyssey posted that they will be giving away 4 meet and greet passes for Taylor Swift's concert in her Grand Fans Day, I immediately asked my mom's permission if I could skip class that day ;)

But, when I got in the event center SM Megamall, it was quite disappointing! They all want the people to buy Taylor Swift's CDs to enter the venue (Hello! It's a Grand Fans Day! Obviously, fans already bought the CDs months/years ago) Luckily, I have a receipt with me, but my friend doesn't have a receipt so I bought a CD. Hoping to get meet & greet coupons but I didn't ;(

So, I browsed the booths inside the event. It turns out that Skin White is also giving away a meet & greet pass! So my friend and I bought tons of Skin White lotions and entered the contest.

There were tons of performances! It was quite boring especially when they were just picking out audiences and asks them to sing on stage :-\ But Krissy & Ericka and some girl from American Idol (forgot her name!) were okay ;)

We went to the food court to eat our late lunch. Then, the Skin White winner was being announced! We ran back to the event center. We didn't win ;(  The lucky guy who asked us earlier in the event won. He was asking if we need to pay first before taking a photo in the photobooth. So. Damn. Lucky!

It's all good! ;) I still love Odyssey. It was a good day because I went shopping at Forever 21 after the event ♥

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