Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

I love and loathe the month of December. 

I love it because I only have two weeks of school. I also love December because of the parties, the Christmas gifts and the Christmas break ♥

The only reason why I loathe this month is that I spend way too much! I spent way too much on clothes and shoes AND I spent way too much on the Christmas presents this year... Hopefully, all of my friends are happy with the things that I gave them. 

One of my resolutions in the year 2011 will be: save money & do not spend it on useless things
Now that I have my own shirt business, I can already say that it is not easy to earn money. I remember when I was still a kid, I always want to buy things I want... not need, I also always ask my mom for money. Now that I'm 18, I want to be independent. Not by living on my own but, I want to learn how to use my own savings wisely. Hard work really pays off!

Self-plug: Order hand-painted shirts by Iza Artillero | Email me at

Anyway, that was a really long introduction to this blog entry! This December was definitely filled with memorable happenings :)

I was one of the winners in our school's logo making contest for a book week celebration. It was really random and unexpected because I was really uninspired when I created the logo. But I'm really happy that I was chosen as one of the winners. My groupmates and I also created a banana ointment for our Research. It's my first time creating an ointment and honestly, I had fun! 

I also went to the Seoularis Holiday Bazaar last December 4 with my friends and bought a Taylor Swift concert ticket on that day also. It's memorable for me because it's the first ever ticket that I purchased. The other tickets were either from a contest or for free .

I love celebrating my sisters and mom's birthdays.

I was absent for the first time for this school year because I really wanted to watch the Saint Jude sportsfest. It was great seeing my friends again. 

Then, our annual Glamerry Christmas Party was so much fun even though the songs pretty much sucked the whole time.

Christmas break is and will always be the best part of the month of December. I just painted shirts, watched a movie with friends (My Amnesia Girl) and ate at Yaki Mix to celebrate Jacqueline's birthday! So happy to see them again. I really love hanging out with them.

I love opening gifts! I always open my gifts on Christmas eve. Super happy with the gifts I received this year. I love the Fashionary I received from KELPJAS, The Lucky One book from my sister and a tumbler from my friend, Andrea ♥

Check out my favorite puppy, Naomi. I always call her "Na-yumyum" because she's always hungry! Such a cutie patootie. Sad that we are not keeping her but we really need to give her away. Please contact me if you want to take care of my Naomi.

Here are some shirts that I created so far worn by my sisters and some of my customers ♥

So thankful for all the people who bought the hand-painted shirts I'm doing. Hopefully there will be a lot of new batches of customers next year!

This is definitely a December to remember.


  1. i love your wedge, the one with the black dress. where did you get it?

  2. Hey! Thanks for dropping by :) I got the shoes from SM Department store and the dress from the Seoularis bazaar. Check out my fashion blog for more details! ♥



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