Sunday, March 7, 2010

What Happened So Far..

I didn't get to blog on the last day of the month of February.. which totally sucks :( It was all because of the fire that occurred in our building (room 402), it was very traumatizing. I can still rewind everything that happened in my mind.

I was doing a project when it happened. I was agitated because the power went out and I didn't saved anything that I was doing. I was totally pissed off and I thought that it was just a stupid brownout (you know how it goes in the Philippines..) Anyway, then my dad calmly told us to get ready to evacuate the building because there was a fire. I didn't believed it at first but then I started to smell smoke. I didn't panicked but my heart was pounding really fast. It was the first time I have EVER experienced it.. and hopefully the last.

The bad thing is we have five dogs at home. Three big ones and two small ones. I was only with my dad and my sister that time. We went down the fire exit really fast with the three dogs. Two dogs were left in our room. I decided to go up again to get the dogs who were left there. My heart was still pounding and the smog was becoming thicker and thicker. My dad went up with me to the room and I immediately got one dog, the phone of my sister and my money. The other dog was scared and didn't want to get out of the room. So, my dad left him there. Thank God, nothing happened to him and after a while... my dad went up again to the third floor and got the dog :) That was a relief. Then we waited for hours in the parking lot.

After the fire... NO electricity for three days. I can't believe we survived!
The battery of my Nokia 5800 is the bomb. It can last for 3 days -- just reset your backlight ;)

Anyway, will keep you posted about my February 2010 in the next post! I also created a Multiply account for my photo galleries. Can't find a decent free online photo sharing site like The Cobrasnake's :(

HAPPY MARCH 2010 everyone!

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