Thursday, January 7, 2010

School Days

Please ignore my messy hair... Hahaha :)

Hello everyone! I survived the first week of school in the year 2010! Yeayuh ;)

So far, all we have done for four days --- review like crazy for the upcoming exams! But luckily, I'm not that stressed...☺ I am sooo ready to take the exams. All I need to do: FOCUS. That magical word.

Also, I received great and exciting news this week! I aced my Biology exam :) I was not really confident on taking that exam but turns out I knew everything! Thank you Lord :)

I'm such a loser. Hahaha :)

This blog entry make me look like a nerd. I am not one. The truth is, I am super lazy but I am trying to be MORE responsible this year and live life to the fullest -- studying hard is a part of it! Without education, I will not succeed.

Peace. Love. Happiness. 2010


  1. Ahhh I LOVE THE COLOUR OF YOUR EYES. You're super adorable <3 :) Congratulations on your biology!

  2. very cute snapshots. your hair is really nice and i like your eyes. congratulations for acing in biology. that subject had always been a bit hard for me because of those latin names. ;)

  3. Thank you so much Vinda! My hair is a mess :( Hahaha. But thanks for complimenting it :)

  4. That is so flattering Barbro! :) I love your style. Are you a model?? :) x


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