Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Paper Heart


Finally. I saw Paper Heart last night. I want to watch this film since July 2009! Thank God for torrent files This movie is so adorable.

It's a documentary story about love. Charlyne Yi doesn't believe in love and in the movie she went to different places to randomly ask strangers about their views about love.

Read reviews and I quote -- "It will melt even the coldest heart." --- SO TRUE. Plus, the soundtrack is amazing especially the Moon Waltz. I'm just sad because I can't search for the MP3 version of the soundtrack.

Anybody wants to send it to me? Hit me up :)


  1. i want to see this movie too. i'm so interested in their love story. michael cera and his real life girlfriend are both attractive. great quote you got there! :)

  2. I just googled the movie and downloaded it. They didn't screen this movie in my country... which sucks! Yess :) They are attractive and talented especially with their music! Thanks Vinda! :)

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  4. Thanks Kaya!! :) I'm visiting your blog right now :)


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