Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Time Flies Like The Wind

[BEFORE] Photo taken: December ? ; Paco Park

[AFTER] Photo taken: November 22; Pho Hoa

Happy December 2009 everyone!!

Time really flies fast. One day, you'll just wake up and you fulfilled one of your dreams or two. This is the last month of the year 2009. I know this year has been rough for some of the people and also for some -- the best year ever. For me, it is not the best year ever but it's somewhat better than the last tough years I had, for some reasons I don't want to remember throughout my life. This year a lot of the people achieved their goals, faced trials, got sad because of the death of their loved ones and etc. I can't even name every celebrity who died this year. There has been a lot of talented personalities both young and old died this year -- which is very sad.

To name a few: Michael Jackson, Farrah Fawcett, Corazon Aquino, Patrick Swayze, Daul Kim and many more. May all of them rest in peace. Also, my grandmother past away this year. I really really hope that there will be no tsunami again this year because I remember that time that the tsunami hit Thailand on the 24th of December. The day before Christmas Day which was a very tough disaster that people in Phuket, Thailand faced. Also, a very sad news to hear.

These past few months here in the Philippines-- there were struggles and hardships that faced our country. The worst and tragic news I've ever heard so far is the Maguindanao Massacre. I really don't know the full coverage of everything that has happened in that situation but I've seen the photos and the videos of the people who got massacred. It is such a shame that some of the Filipinos here can just take away life as easy as that. The women that got massacred even got raped. How shameless is that? I am very disappointed that we have that kind of heartless people here -- it makes me loathe my own country. CNN even declared that the Philippines is the most dangerous country for journalists which is very shameful and sad :-(

Another tragic news I've witnessed and heard is about the Typhoon Ondoy and Pepeng who hit Manila. I am a bit guilty for loving rain. I've always loved the rain -- always have always will. First, it is because I can't stand the heat here in Manila. Second, I want classes to be suspended. But when every reason that I want becomes reality -- that's when I feel guilty. Imagine, I am enjoying the rain in my room with a hot chocolate just listening to music or just watching TV while some of the people here in my country doesn't even have a home to live in or food to eat. That is why I really want to help the people in need when I grow up.. when I have my own money that was from my own sweat.

I really hope that next year will turn out okay especially for my country, family and friends. But anyway -- have a blessed December everyone! We all have time to change and to learn from our mistakes ;) If you want to be inspired everyday... follow @RevRunWisdom on Twitter :) He will change your perspective in your daily life!

*I am very forgetful -- so, I really thank Twitter for making life easier to remember what did I do for the year 2009 and next year I will have a planner so that I will never ever forget the year 2010.

xx, Luiza

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