Sunday, November 15, 2009

Epic Night Part 1

Now, how do I start? Last night was so incredible. I went to a concert (the second concert I attended in my entire life -- yeah I know, I need to go to more concerts next year!) And guess what -- VIP tickets for free baaaby :) Okay, here's the story..


My sister told me that Katy Perry and the effin hot Boys Like Girls are coming to Manila!! I was like: "WHAAAAT!?!" I thought she was just joking around... but it's so effin true! Saw the photos, even called Ticketnet to ask if they were already selling tickets. Day by day I'm like: "I want to go sooo badly. VIP tickets are only 3k! Not like Lady Gaga's VIP tickets -- 10k!" Hahha. Then the next day I was like: "Naaah. I don't like the venue!" then the cycle goes on and on and on. I am THAT indecisive. Because the concert was on OCTOBER 3rd and my birthday was on October 5 -- so I was like, birthday gift?? Haha! Then, the VIP tickets are running out after like 3 weeks? Then I lost hope so I didn't care anymore.


A tragedy happened here in the Philippines. Two typhoons hit Manila and it flooded everywhere! A lot of people lost their lives, homes, belongings and etc. It all happened for like a week or two. The Katy Perry + Boys Like Girls were moved, not cancelled for late October. But Boys Like Girls just ended their Asia tour so, they cannot come back to Manila :( I was like BOO! -- Last time, I heard that the Jabbawockeez and Arnel Pineda are the replacement for Boys Like Girls.


The concert was renamed as "Katy Perry Rocks For Relief" -- it's now a fund raising event. Awesome right? But that time, I still didn't care anymore. Maybe because I want to save? Also in October, U92 Cool To Be U (a radio station) just aired! With my favorite icons -- Vicky Herrera and Sarah Meier. The Dollhouse! Shabba ;) Hahaha. Okay enough about that.


Specifically November 9. When I was listening to The Dollhouse, I heard that they were giving away tickets -- wait, not just ANY ticket, a pair of VIP tickets baby! I joined for a week. I listed down the ways on how can I tour Katy Perry here in Manila then listed down the Dollhouse Word Of The Day words, followed @u92fm then listed trivias about Katy Perry! Consistent right? As they say -- try and try until you succeed. Hahaha. On Friday -- their contest rule was so hard! KATY PERRY IMPERSONATOR (photo). I was like: "Omg. Now I have no chance winning this ticket :( " But Friday afternoon exactly 5:30PM -- I was like: "Should I join for the last day of the contest???" -- and yes I did! Who was the Katy Perry impersonator? -- our family dog, Baby! I let her wear my shades with hair! Haha. I did it for fun. Also, I wanted to give an early present to my sister for her 2oth birthday! Haha :) Nothing better than a VIP concert right?


My friend, Razaele won too! I was shocked. I shouted "OHMYGODDDDD!!!" in front of the computer, with earphones in my ear, shocked face = go imagine! Then, my sisters and my mom got curious on why I shouted like I saw a cockroach! Hahaha. I was like: "I WON THE TICKETS!!!!" My heart was beating so fast for an hour. It was unreal -- I can't imagine that I won. Then, my mom and I planned on how to get the tickets in EDSA :)

Okay that's the story. Now for the concert experience!



Wow. What a tiring experience. I thought I cannot claim my tickets after 12 noon! So I was being scared and everything -- mixed emotions! The tune in my head was the fast song -- No, I dunno the title. Hahaha! But after an hour and 10 minutes we arrived! And I got my tickets! Even met the two new DJs and Juddah Paolo and Paolo Valenciano -- but I'm not a fangirl when it comes to them, so I was like: "Hi"like no reaction kind of way. Haha! Oh and I rode the MRT for the first time and it was gross! Hahaha. The whole trip it was so hot and the people were like kept on pushing :( Which sucks.



I was freaking out because I have nothing to wear :( I really need to learn how to sew and be good at it... no, not good -- should be AWESOME. I should be awesome when it comes to sewing and make my own effin clothes damn it. I want that kind of experience. When I have nothing to do --- "Oh, I'll just make a top or a shirt or jeans or a dress" Haha! What a life. That's my dream :) Anyway -- I wanted to wear an off-shoulder top because I know -- it's going to be burning hot in the venue! No aircon and a standing concert. Whattup with that! Then I decided to wear my Chucks :) then short shorts and an opaque leggings. On the way to the concert, I was like imagining everything that's going to happen! It was kind of traffic :( But we did arrive at the venue! Good thing they changed the venue. Last time the "SM Mall of Asia Concert Grounds" was near the IMAX theater. The venue was an epic mess. Now the venue was near the SMX Convention Center :)

Part 2 soon!

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