Friday, July 10, 2009

I'm lost in your eyes.

I am inlove with romantic movies, chick flicks, romantic songs which makes my heart melt -- even though I know it doesn't happen in real life. Fairy tales do not come true, except for those who really have a faith on it.

"Are you really gone? Are you moving on? Tell me where did we go wrong? I can't let go... now I'm left here chasing echoes.." :(

I just remembered the time when one of my closest friends cried her eyes out because her ex-boyfriend wants to court another girl. I really think all these stuff are just plain stupid. I really hate guys which talks shit and lies then breaks up with a girl because it was just a bet or just for fun. I know all the girls are sensitive but I also loathe girls who give in to guys like the guys texts the girl and the next day they're an instant couple even though they haven't talked in person yet. That is just really bullshit. I have a friend who just saw a guy and she tells us that she already "love" the guy (she doesn't even know the person in the first place and what does he do and etc), All I thought was "Damn, the word l-o-v-e is really overrated" -- Don't get me wrong I have crushes but right at this moment, none. It's all because I am sick of wondering if my crush likes me back. I know it really sounds so stupid and so high school but yeah -- I AM in high school. I know everyone have crushes. It's either because it's just an infatuation or puppy love. I know I sound so stupid right now but for real, people should not cry for someone who isn't worth it. If there's feelings left in your heart for a certain someone, day by day it will fade away.

Why wait if you deserve better? Why change if you are YOU? Why use the word "love" if you just liked the person? Why cry if he doesn't even care for you? Some of the questions I've been asking for a long time.

I am just waiting for the Landon Carter in my life.

"If I could make all the mountains spell your name and all the old streetcars dance in the rain and promise to hold you for all my days. It wouldn't be enough to show you my love"

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