Monday, August 6, 2012

Day 43: 12nn = classes suspended

I was on the way to our room when I saw two of my blockmates. They told me that our professor for our first class (ARTHST) is not around. I thought it was a joke since we haven't had our ARTHST class for 3 weeks already.

When I arrived at room 300, it was confirmed! No ARTHST. So I just went to Tan Yan Kee to pay for the prelims instead. Then, off to Domus again for our Filipino class! We had our quiz then someone tweeted that classes are suspended 12nn onwards :| Ate lunch with Pam and Jazmine at McDo. Here's Pam with her new bonggang hair!! :))

No classes until Wednesday for me! Hay, too lazy to do the platessszzzzz. :(

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