Friday, June 15, 2012

Day 8: Flora and Fauna

First class awhile ago was Materials 1. Five loooong hours for this subject :| We discussed about different types of sculptures then our project for next week will be a low relief sculpture. We sketched our idea for the design first. The theme was: Flora & Fauna. 

My works! I still need to improve them.

Ate lunch again at the UST grandstand! Our beautiful view:

Time for Theology after lunch! But we went to Joli's first to buy more materials :( Haaay, goodbye money. For all aspiring Advertising Arts high school senior students, save money and even apply for a summer job this summer and for sure, you can buy all the materials at once! :p

Theology was interesting but really super boring :| After the class, we checked out the old PE room and took a photo heehee ♥ With my favorite blockmates! :) :)

Saturday classes tomorrow....

Oh! we received our ID awhile ago!!! Hahaha ☺ Finally experienced swiping my ID :)

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