Saturday, June 30, 2012

Day 19: The Amazing Spiderman!

Unexpectedly a fun day at school! I was looking forward to a day full of quizzes but I was totally wrong :) As usual, Philippine History was sooooo boring. Doodled + copied some notes at the same time.

Then something memorable happened! Our professor in English was a bit late (30 minutes, I guess) So we all went down thinking it was a free cut for that class already! But turns out, our prof showed up! Thank god she gave us another chance ☺ Anywaaaay, we had an impromptu plan to watch Spiderman in Gateway!! ☺ Super fun LRT ride with blockmates haha! Quite embarrassing but whatevs!

Then on the way home, I saw Nica, Andrea and Lara!! ☺

 Awesome day! ☺

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