Thursday, June 21, 2012

Day 12: I hate Thursdays!

I went to Joli's early in the morning before going to Beato because I haven't bought some of the requirements in our 7am class. Here's my view in our MDRPERS (hell) class.That subject is okay but it is the most tiring! I get stressed by just listening to the instructions :| Our prof checked our Freehand Line Drawing/ Line Drawing Composition plates awhile ago and I got 90 in both. Plus we did two more plates! I hope my grades will be higher.. I want to reach my goal.

Then we were almost late in our PE class. Since we need to eat lunch, change our uniform, shoes and the like :| Social dancing was quite complicated! Then after the PE, we were on our way to Joli's (again) then there was a huge fire in the P. Noval area. We thought the Beato building was on fire haha

Anyway, it's official.. I hate Thursdays!

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