Wednesday, March 21, 2012


My last prom :) It was very memorable. I checked in at Bayview Park Hotel with my sister since she was going to be the make-up artist and hairstylist of three of my batch mates ☺ I also want to experience checking in at hotels during prom, the original plan was to check in with my friends, but unfortunately they either have strict parents or they don't want to spend too much :( But I enjoyed with my sister! It was so relaxing in the hotel. It was so peaceful there.

With my partner in crime, Michaella Ang! :) She's my closest friend. We share stories (aka chikas) every time we see each other. She's so hilarious :)

There's a part of the prom where we, the Seniors, hand down our talents to the Juniors. This is the "fashionistas" group. Was very flattered when they placed me in two categories -- the fashionista and the artist ☺

With my partner only for the walk -- Isaac Santos. The Prom King that night. This dude is so handsome ☺ I keep on bugging him during school days and calling him gwapo. I wish he was my little brother!

During the reading of the prophecies. I was really nervous that time but I just kept on reading and reading and not minding the people that are eating. So happy they loved the class prophecy! ☺


Loved the cheap accessories I wore! They still look elegant right? Haha! ☺

With Mica and Anne Criselle :) Gonna miss this both so much. Never knew that I was going to be close with these girls.

Again, with Isaac. Who by the way is my first and last dance during that night! Not a fan of the dance part of the prom since it makes me feel more lonely as ever. Also, I can't stand people being all mushy just because it's prom. Haha!

With Aurea! I love love love her dress! :) It's full of imagination and pretty elegant too! Will miss this girl so much!

With our Korean classmate, Jeong Eun Jeon (aka JJ) So happy we're going to the same university! :) I might bump into her when classes start this June. Same building as well.

With Nica Malantic :)

I will post about what I wore in my fashion blog soon :) This night was absolutely a night to remember. Thank you for a fun night SENIO12S!

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