Monday, September 26, 2011

All Time Low ♥

Can't believe I met All Time Low twice last week. I miss them so much already :( Anyway, I will now share with you guys my experiences that happened last week :) Wednesday to Thursday to be exact. 

Ever since I purchased the All Time Low ticket I reserved, I've been talking to Thea (my concert buddy / fellow fangirl) about our plans for the album signing and what to do before and during the concert! When I read somewhere that All Time Low will have an album signing, I totally freaked out since I had a feeling I had no chance on winning meet and greet passes. We planned, went to the Hustlers' Gathering to buy the old albums of All Time Low and even bought gifts from Kultura (I bought shot glasses for them!) Then, the day after we bought gifts, Ovation Production said that the album signing will be cancelled because the band's arrival to Manila was delayed. My heart broken into pieces. Days after being heartbroken about the awful news, Astroplus posted that the album signing was back on! ☺ I was so happy. They will do everything just to make us, the fans, happy and contented! :)

September 20, 2011 was also a special day for me because that was the day MCA Music called me up and told me that I won a meet & greet pass!!!! I was jumping, shaking and screaming in our classroom while answering the phone. My classmates got weirded out but I did not brag them about the meet & greet pass because I know they don't even care. Haha! Now, fastforward to...

When I woke up, the feeling of "I'll be meeting All Time Low today" did not enter my mind. It was such a surreal idea. So, I went to school totally nonchalant. But I bet if all of my friends are addicted to bands like I do, I'll be screaming my lungs out. 

After classes, I immediately went home and changed clothes then went to SM North Edsa. I was freaking out because Thea kept on updating me about the album signing. When the album signing started... I was stuck in traffic. Awesome right? So, when I arrived at SM North Edsa (It was also my first time to go to that mall, so I don't even know where's the Atrium. Just my luck) Finally, I saw the venue and saw Thea ☺ She handed me the album signing stub and the Dirty Work album. When I was near the stage, I got the shot glasses in my bag and I was literally shaking. The feeling was so unreal. I can't believe I am standing in front of Rian, Alex, Jack and Zack!

When I got to the stage, the security was so strict. All I said to them was: "Hey! For you (while giving them the shot glasses)" Rian just signed the album and was busy doing something I don't know. Alex melted my heart. His smile was just so perfect! Next was Jack... he was so adorable! When I handed him the glasses, he looked up to me with his adorable smile and said "SHOT GLASS!!" It was like I gave a balloon to an adorable little boy! He was so cute ♥ Then, Zack.. just like Rian, he just signed my album, Then, the security told me to get off the stage already. It was the best 15 seconds of my life. No idea if it lasted for 15 seconds... it felt like 5 seconds to me. It went by so quickly!

Check out the video I took when they were leaving the mall:


When I woke up, I felt a bit sad because I know after the concert, there's nothing awesome to look forward to anymore. When I went to school, the ambiance was so wrong. Everyone's so annoyed because of random reasons. Even I, got annoyed because of a random thing. I was so tired that day because we cooked a meal for our Home Science laboratory activity and had our swimming classes. After our swimming classes, I felt the excitement. But, guess what! I almost lost my contact lenses! I was putting them on, then I thought the lenses were already in my eyes... I didn't even notice my blurred vision. What a dummy. Haha :p But thank god I found my lenses again. It was a miracle.

Araneta Coliseum was just an LRT away so I didn't worry about the horrible traffic ☺ I met up with Thea and I went to the West Gate for the meet and greet. I waited for almost two hours for the meet and greet. When we got in the meet & greet room, I immediately hugged Rian, Alex, Jack and Zack! I told them that I loved them... the feeling that Alex and Jack told me they loved me back was amazing. I wanted to hug them forever but they told us to pose for the camera already. I was annoyed with the guy who almost blocked Jack :( He should've went to the side. I was holding Jack's waist that time ♥ 

After the photo op, I hugged Jack and Alex again. When I was about to hug Rian, the people from Ovation told me to go down already. As you can see above, I smudged the faces of the people I do not know. Alex Gaskarth is so sexy! Lisa Ruocco is one lucky girl. 

After the meet and greet, I went straight to the concert venue. Then, met up with Aira and her sister. we went inside then I immediately bought merch! I wanted to have a concert souvenir ☺ When I went inside the venue, I didn't care about my seat (Hello, imagine people seating during All Time Low's concert? Lame!) Haha! I went to the front area and made my way infront of the barricades!!!! ☺ So happy I won't be seeing annoying heads of tall people I don't know during the concert. Check out some photos from Magic Liwanag. 

I look like a crazy/frustrated fangirl on the photos but whatever. Haha! Magic Liwanag is awesome! :) I really love his job ☺ Anyway, during the opening act -- Typecast, the girl beside me told me to cheer so that the bouncers will not shoo us away. I did cheer for them, but I didn't stop me from yawning. Sorry Typecast! Then, after the front act, Party Rock Anthem played and everyone was dancing! It was crazy haha! :) After they played some random music, All Time Low finally came out!!!! 

The first song was "Do You Want Me (Dead?)" One of my favorite songs from their Dirty Work album! I was jumping and having the time of my life. They are so good live. There was also a time when I saw Jack looked straight at me during "Weightless" ♥ We sang the part "I wanna be laughed at laughed with, just because" together!! he even pointed at me. It was such a surreal experience. 

Some photos I took from the concert ☺ More photos here :)

After the concert, I met up with Aira's sister and we begged for the IDs of the bouncers and the guys that worked backstage. Mission accomplished!

Jack Barakat still owes us Taco Bell. Haha! ☺ I love All Time Low! I am now hearing rumors that their next concert in Manila is on December 2011. Not really sure if it's legit... I hope it is! I really want to meet them again and experience 9.22.11 all over again! ♥

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