Monday, June 13, 2011

This girl is so inspiring... :)

Jasmine Curtis-Smith tweeted this hours ago ☺

Today was my first day of school as a Senior. It felt weird. Just so curious on what's going to happen in this school year. I was chosen to be the class coordinator for our section. I know it is a very hard job but all I was thinking was putting "class coordinator" in all of my college application forms.

When I stepped inside the campus, it was like last school year all over again.

If you follow me on Twitter, I know you're annoyed at my "I-hate-going-to-school" tweets. Why? I don't belong there. I just don't get the people there. Yes, I have friends there but only some who I can trust. Some of the students really are immature and really loves attention. Imagine being surrounded with those kind of people every single day.

I regret everything that happened in my humiliating past. I know I should already move on but... sigh 
I just miss my old friends.. wondering what's it like to be on their shoes right now. I just feel so left out and alone. I miss having a best friend.

After reading Jasmine's tweet, I felt a bit okay because she was totally right. Going to school is a blessing. Imagine the homeless people dreaming to study while you are being a lazy ass complaining everyday (me). I'll try to think more positive.

Only ten more months, Luiza. Only ten more months. You can do it.

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