Sunday, June 19, 2011

Miley Cyrus in Manila! ♥ [Before the concert]

Probably the best day of my June 2011! ♥

Not really used to going to concerts this time of year (because of school) and not really used to buying expensive tickets for concerts (because duh, it's expensive). This is only my second time to purchase a concert ticket. The first one was Taylor Swift's concert here in Manila. I bought a General Admission ticket which was okay since the concert was held at Araneta Coliseum. When I first heard that Miley was coming here in Manila for her Gypsy Heart Tour, I was shocked because normally the famous artists will have a so-called "world tour" and will not include Asia. I was also shocked because when I googled "Gypsy Heart Tour", the Philippines was the only country that appeared in the Asia category!! ♥ Thank you to my customers in my previous shirt business, I was able to purchase a VIP ticket and make one of my dreams come true! ☺ Anyway, school ends at 3pm every Friday, so after school I went home and changed my outfit for the concert. Also charged my camera + cellphone and went straight to the MOA Concert Grounds. It was so traffic on the way! But luckily, I arrived early. I didn't see any fan girls screaming and getting excited for the concert. I was also not screaming because I was alone (None of my friends went to the concert with me because the ticket was expensive)

While waiting for the guards to let us in the venue, a girl from Get Shot took a photo of me for the event. I thought it was going to be like Paramore's concert which they will flash all the photos during commercials, I was wrong but it's all good. Haha! ☺ I hope they'll upload the photos already.

While also waiting for the guards to let us in, I heard someone from Futuretainment explaining to a parent the meet & greet procedures. I almost begged them to give me one but I still have my pride! Hahaha ☺

Finally, the guards let us in the venue! The seats were empty which was lame. I thought it will be filled as soon as they let us in the venue.

The stage before the show started:

Bought food before the concert:

101 pesos for 6 pieces McNuggets. I don't get it :| It's just 94 pesos outside the concert venue.

Then, I spotted my friend Thea!!! ☺


Everyone got excited when this appeared:

I would love to work with them someday:

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