Sunday, May 16, 2010



It's Mid-May already, meaning I should get ready to say goodbye to summer 2010. I wonder when will I really enjoy my summer vacation-- hang out by the beach, road trip with best friends, concerts, movie marathons and the like. I haven't experienced a real exhilarating summer vacation, which is sad. But I really hope when I finish my studies, I will probably have the time of my life.

First on my list is to have a decent job and earn well. After earning enough money, I will move to New York, Los Angeles or Australia and live there. Find a decent job there and earn money as well. My life will start at 2016, when I finally graduate college! Only six more years of school. I have been browsing websites of universities for their courses. So far, my first choice would be Communication Arts. Mainly because I really want to take a course in the arts area. I have never dreamt of becoming a doctor, dentist, lawyer or a teacher. I haven't picked the university yet but I will pick between Ateneo de Manila, La Salle or UST. I browsed my dream school's website (Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising) and browsed their courses, maybe in the future I can still enroll there and achieve my dream. Also, I browsed the website of Sydney University a year ago. It looks good. Especially their facilities. If ever I was in dreamland today, I would take the Visual Arts course there then enroll in FIDM then create my own clothing line and present it to New York Fashion Week!

After graduating, I hope I really find a decent job-- hopefully in the fashion industry or music industry. After earning enough money, I would really love to travel the world with my Mom. It's my dream to travel the whole world. Europe, America, Asia... everywhere! I don't really want to plan my life because I know God has another greater plan for me. But I want my so called "plans" to be my priorities and inspirations in life. Good luck to me!

I hope I will still have this blog six years from now :-)

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