Saturday, October 3, 2009

What Happened So Far..

I joined Tumblr! Clearly because I want to have a photoblog rather than this personal blog. My Multiply account is private for some reasons and I do not find Photobucket as a great photo sharing site. Thank God for Tumblr! I have a lot of favorite Tumblr sites -- there's Vicky Herrera's, Fuck Yeah Georgina Wilson, Steff Obusan's, Damn Hot Girls (And by girls she meant the clique of Georgina Wilson.. click the links to know those beautiful faces!)

Oh and I've been listening to the newest radio station here in Manila -- U92 :-) I just received a shout out from Victoria Herrera which was unexpected by the way! I was surprised :-) Thanks Vicky! Check the DOLL HOUSE every Mondays -Fridays (5pm-7pm)
With dolls Vicky Herrera and Sarah Meier. THE DOLLHOUSE: Come play with us... we're not plastic. They have a segment wherein they teach people urban words. So far I know all those word already except for WOMP WOMP. Never heard people say it before. Hahaha. But it's cute. But my favorite is -- THE DOPENESS. Okaaay, enought about the radio station. But, tune in to U92 every weekdays, alright? ;)

Forgot to blog about what happened in Manila these past few days. No electricity, internet connections and the like. It's all because of the typhoon that hit us -- Typhoon Ondoy.

Many lives were vanished because of it. Due to the heavy rains -- it flooded to the specific areas (Marikina, Pasig and Cainta) Everyone was tweeting that the flood is already 15 ft. high but I was like, "Why are they over reacting? It's just rain" But I take that back. People lost their homes because of the flood. Some people stayed at their rooftops to save their lives. I never imagined something like this would happen. Volunteers everywhere after the tragedy happened. Donations poured. Love was in the air. Unity and Peace were there. If you guys want to help please do. Here are the steps on how to help. Right now, another typhoon is here in my country -- Typhoon Pepeng. Everyone is ready for it but also everyone is praying for it to be not as horrific as Ondoy.

Anyways, I hope you guys can help! ONE MORE DAY LEFT...and I'll be SEVENTEEN
I want to thank the people who greeted me in advance :-)

(photo: Jasmine Curtis)

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