Sunday, October 4, 2009

Farewell Sweet Sixteen.

I can't believe I am turning seventeen in one hour. I will miss being sixteen years old but I will NOT forget the memories that happened. I have experienced a lot of things this year and I have met a pretty lot of people this year which I am thankful for. I can't imagine how time flies really fast! People I met this year really changed me. I get inspired with them easily especially if they are really influential. I experienced the crazyness of fashion week, the excitement in the Araneta Colliseum when UAAP is going on, I experienced being starstrucked a LOT of times. In short, I want to thank all the people who inspired me, all the people I met, all my friends who's been there for me since forever, my family especially my mom for inspiring me everyday even though I become hardheaded sometimes -- she still loves me :) And my dad for working hard and my sisters who listen to me :-) I love you guys! And of course, God. Thank you for creating me. I am now living for 17 years on your planet and I hope I'm doing a pretty good job. Haha :-) I know You guide me inevery step I make. I love you :-)

Take care everyone! xo.
The sixteen year old Iza Artillero -- saying farewell :)

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