Sunday, September 13, 2009

There Is Nothing Like A Dream To Create The Future

I think I am watching too much TV.
I think I read too many fashion magazines.
I think I have too many dreams to achieve.

Made me realize how much I want to be in the fashion industry sooo bad. Just saw the trailer of The Beautiful Life and I am so excited to watch it next week. Also, not only from the television itself -- but also through Twitter. Thank you very much, Joe Zee! Talking with a judge from Stylista and an editor for ELLE magazine is such an honor. I asked him about his advice for aspiring stylists like me and the like. I even freaked out when he tweeted me about my MAJOR/EPIC Joel Madden Elle cover:

One of the best conversations that I will always cherish! It's so awesome that I really followed watching Stylista religiously -- if not, I will be like -- Who the hell is Joe Zee?! Hahaha. Reading a fashion magazine is like entering th different worlds of fashion. Whether it's about the different styles that are in today or the It Girl models or even the designers themselves! Fashion is universal. One of my main goals also is to be an Editor/Stylist/Fashion Editor for a fashion magazine in the future :-) Too many dreams, so little time.

After talking to a friend that I haven't talked to for like about a year -- we talked about anything! First it was about my college plans and everything -- I told her that I am still daydreaming to get in Parson's School Of Design or FIDM or FIT, but duh - I'm stuck here in Manila whether I like it or not. I also told her that I want to live in Australia for a few years when I grow up and I want to live in New York as long as I want to :-) I also told her about my dreams of helping charities here in Manila when I'm successful as a "thank you" for the Philippines. I know -- I have a fastforwarded mind, but I can't help it! Also, I better plan out my life earlier than be indecisive as ever when I grow up. At least I have a plan now right?

Let's all hope that all of our dreams will come true. Let's all be optimistic :-)

"First say to yourself what you would be; and then do what you have to do."

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