Monday, August 10, 2009

What's Done Is Done

Because of stupidity, a hint curiousity and carelessness -- I deleted one of my posts in here. You see, I am using my phone when it happened. Just woke up. I really thought I clicked "Back To Posts" but noo. I clicked "Delete Post" which was deleted in just one blink. I never "memorize" what I wrote on that day. But whatevs, what's done is done. That is like my quote in life. Every time that things happens in the wrong way, times when I really want to breakout -- crying my eyes out; all I do is take a deep breath and think about thoughts like, why should I cry if I cannot do anything about it? I'll just face reality and will really sink in that it is DONE.

I really think I became more positive than the "old me" -- the old me was simply loathing living the life I have -- really hating every second of it, crying until no tears will fall down (and when I cry, I will make sure that no one hears me or sees me, technically because I don't want them to freak out just because of my tears) ... I thank God that I changed for the better even though I still have imperfections -- nobody's perfect anyway.

I really love it when the New Years Eve is coming and I'm jotting down my resolutions.. I love that feeling. It's like starting a new chapter of my life and jotting down the promises that I will try hard not to break. I have one resolution that I made last 2007 that has not been broken yet -- drinking soda. Simple reason: too much sugar and I am always getting attacked by coughs if I drink too much of it. Hoping to keep my resolutions until my last breath. 2010 is coming by in a few months! Twenty Ten. It's surreal! I'm living on this planet for 17 years now. Wow. I can still remember the time when I just turned 12 and I was really stoked of being a teenager. Now that I am a teenager.. not really loving it! Haha. Just a simple reason, drama and dealing with immature people. It's so annoying. But that's life.. there's always drama.

Cheers to the last 5 months of 2009! xo.

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